Photos of the area

These wide field views show the sparsely settled land. Only twelve properties settled out of 74 lots. Altitude is 4850'. Can you imagine observing with horizons like this and super transparent skies?


The tiny rest area has full-cut-off lighting. Except for two small lights on the side of the building, the whole rest area is non-obtrusive.

The Real Estate lady now working the site is Totsie Slover of Deming Realty.  575-494-0899

The all sky photo below shows the minor light domes from the site. Our house and workshop will block them from our view.

Photo by Bob Bryan 1/27/11

A star party at a local winery with the Silver City club

A couple of the local residents

Vandy and Gary Starkweather visited in Sep and Oct, checking out the area. They purchased 17 acres and built a retirement home and observatory. Gary is an avid imager and Vandy has a new 24" Starmaster for visual observing.

This photo shows Tom and Jeannie's 24' dome nearing completion 1/13. Behind it is a carport for an RV.

Fog in the desert? It rained the night before. The Florida Mountains are seven miles south of Deming - 27 miles from here.

Oct 13. 2012

The NMAV held it's first little star partyi, in honor of  Christina and Doug LeGrand's new 30" Star Master and 7" AstroPhysics refractor. The photo above shows Christina and Doug's reflection in the new 30" mirror.

The Silver City Astronomy Club was invited to attend, along with some neighbors and friends. Attendance was around 20 astronomers. The ladies all brought goodies to eat, and made coffee and cider. The shop served as a warm room and coffee shop.

Besides the new 30", pictured are Tom and Jeannie's 24, and Bob Carr brought a new 10" travel scope he just completed.

The weather was perfect, and the seeing excellent. The temperture was around 65 at sunset, and went to 47 by the time the last scope was packed up.

We hope this was the first of many star parties to be held here!

Gary and Vandy Starkweather's mobile observatory was set up for star party week.

Surprise, surprise! A rare snowfall. It does snow here when winter storms are passing through. The snow usually lasts until sunrise. Then the sun warms things up and we head to the golf course anyway. Normal winter temperatures are 25-30 at night and 50-60s during the day. In the desert any moisture is appreciated.

2/13   A field trip to see the petroglyphs that are in the Pony Hills, just south of Cook's Peak. They are just a few miles from the NMAV. The old Butterfield Trail runs through the valley below the petroglyphs.

4/6  We just left the neighborhood  to go to the City of Rocks with Mike Lockwood and Bob Noneman when we saw this small herd of 10 Pronghorns right along Rt/ 180.

4/2013   Mike Lockwood delivered the refigured and recoated mirror for the 42", and spent a week helping put the telescope back together. His very good article on his trip is on his web site here:

Tom and Jeannie's place.

Gary Emerson of the Silver City Astronomical Society drew up this map of the continental US that shows how far you can see in different areas of the country. Our area has excellent transparency - the best anywhere in the southern part of the country.

Gila Cliff Dwellings

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10/13/2012   A couple of photos from our first little star party.  The weather was perfect, and if you had been here you would never want to observe from any other place!